Rebecca Coppock - Enterprise Manager University of East London Enterprise

“We recently used vidiCREW to produce short films documenting our flagship ‘E Factor’ business ideas competition. The vidiCREW team were brilliant at interpreting our brief and understanding our audience perspectives which resulted in three completely different films using the same raw footage.

The final results were original, evocative, impactful and bursting with personality – Would highly recommend!”


Majda Rogers Choir Member | Some Voices

“Using the the vidiCREW app was fun and simple! It made the event even more exciting as we couldn’t wait to see the footage that everyone was able to capture.
The final video was so creative and really reflected the theme of the show. Attention was given to the soundtrack which made it even more memorable. It was a great way to showcase our choir to really show new members what they could expect!”


David Thomas - Academic Lead Fashion and Textiles University of East London

“I was really impressed by the vidiCREW service. The app is incredibly user-friendly and our students really enjoyed building the content and seeing how vidiCREW's editing team interpreted their journey. I truly believe that their perspective on event recording and promotion is integral to effective communication.

A wonderful service designed and facilitated by wonderful people.”


Carly Forsaith - Study Abroad Coordinator University of East London

“VidiCREW provided an incomparable memory for our first time ever embarking on a trip with fifty students. The large amount of clips recorded would have made it very difficult and time consuming for us to acquire them from the students and put them all together into one movie. Plus, they provided the advantage of objectivity and knew how to really highlight the best moments of the trip in a way that we may not have been able to. Great value for our money!

I have watched it over and over and suspect I still will many times.”


Sian Trimble-Davey - Sports Marketing Communications Manager Sports Dock - University of East London

“Vidicrew have been a great help in producing content for our large SportsDock campaigns, the service is perfect for putting together organic content to showcase what we do.

They have also created videos for us to celebrate the achievements of our student athletes, giving the videos more of a personality and the energy they needed.”