Authentic content, with a professional touch.

​Easily capture and collect content to create social media films with impact.

Your staff/colleagues/customers use our app to capture and collect photos and videos into your secure online gallery. Then our professional editors transform the videos into short films, perfect for social media.

Book a Film Package to get started!

How does it work?


Book a Film Package

This creates your own unique app login code (CREW code), which you share with your staff/colleagues/customers.


Your moments are captured

Your staff/colleagues/customers capture and collect content into your online gallery.


We edit your film

Our pro editors transform the videos into a film, perfect for social media.

What can I do with vidiCREW?

Use it for anything. Here’s what some of our amazing customers have created.

What’s the deal?

  • Unlimited storage/users Store unlimited content in your gallery for 12 months and invite as many contributers as you like.
  • Only the best video editors Our editors are the best around when it comes to editing mobile phone content. So rest assured your film is in the right hands. We even give you one re-edit for free!
  • Organised content The content captured with the app uploads in date and time order, so it is easy to manage.
  • Absolute control All content is safely stored in your online private gallery. You can also add/remove users and delete content as and when you want to.
  • Free, easy-to-use app Our app is designed to give you and your CREW a seamless, fun experience. All content captured is saved to your phone too and there is a feature which allows you to upload from outside the app if you need to, so you don’t miss a thing!

The love we're getting

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Your contributors will need to use this code to log in to the vidiCREW app. All videos and photos they capture with the app will then upload to this gallery.

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All you need to start a CREW,
collect content and create a film

  • Unlimited app users
  • Online gallery
  • Capture videos & photos
  • Unlimited storage for 12 months
£45 one off

Our PLUS features help ensure you collect the content you need. Perfect for businesses.

  • Unlimited app users
  • Online gallery
  • Capture videos & photos
  • Unlimited storage for 12 months
  • Shot list
  • Push notifications
  • Download all CREW content

Including a ‘white label’ option, so you can fully customise the app and gallery design.

  • Everything
  • White label option


UNLOCK or UPGRADE to download content captured by other CREW members. This gives you unlimited downloads until the gallery expires (12 months from its start date).

UNLOCK£10 one off PREMIUM£45 one off
Unlimited app users
Online gallery
Capture videos & photos
Unlimited storage for 12 months
Download content you capture
Download the CREW’s content
Shot list (an in app list for your CREW)
Push notifications - in app